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    On behalf of condo association 5 townhouses ) we have worked with Gonsalvo for many years
    He has a very competent team
    They are very dependable & respectful
    He helped with trimming a tree

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    Last year Solis Landscaping planted Aborvitae for me and they were excellent. Since I was my first time using a landscape service I hired them to do clean up for my front and backyard for the spring. When Gonzalos came to evaluate the yard for cost he quoted me a price and I hired him. Now, my backyard had never had a clean up before by professionals. I had not realized how bad it was until he and his crew started. The leaves were years deep. They worked hard and did a fantastic job. When I went to pay him, I suggested I should give him more; he said if that is what he quoted me it will be that. He says he “keeps his word”. Thank you for everything. Don’t hesitate to hire them.

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    I had the good fortune of engaging Solis Landscaping. This is a team of professional, talented, hard- working, honest and kind men, led by Gonzalo Solis, their leader and owner of the company.

    This group worked long days and very hard to ensure that all their work was completed in order for my shrubs and flowers to be planted. This was not a pre-requisite as the time was tight. They made it happen. The only incentive there was kindness.

    • LANDSCAPING - impeccable
    • CLEAN-UPS – the result appeared as though clean-up was done with a fine tooth comb
    • WALKWAYS/PATIOS – meticulous and gorgeous (my Brother won’t step on it because it looks so perfect). The pattern is magnificent; beyond what I could have hoped for in a design
    • MASONRY – went from broken brick stairs (unsafe but sentimental to me) to a secure and stunning set of stairs and landing…… the sentimental bricks were repaired, cleaned and re-cemented with a beautiful granite top
    • TREE WORK – an extremely large tree stump sat right in the middle of my front yard. The team removed this stump (fascinating to watch) brilliantly.

    These people genuinely care and are extremely observant. Often times, when you walk by something every day, you tend not to notice blemishes. A wooden stair riser, due to moisture, had started to rot. When the walkway/patio work was being performed, they replaced the wooden stair riser. This left the whole area flawless.

    I think this incident is noteworthy; while digging up the front yard to level it, an old nickel was discovered. The gentleman picked it up and placed it on top of my mailbox, rather than put it in his pocket or throw it in the trash. A small gesture, but speaks volumes to the character of these men.

    In summary, Gonzalo and his crew exceeded my expectations.
    Kathy, Reading, MA

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    A first-class job. Gonzalo and his team arrived at my place right on time, dug up and replaced the soil in my front yard, removed all my plants, and in their place planted dozens of new plants and trees. At no extra charge, at his suggestion, he repurposed several older plants to other parts of my property where they now fit in perfectly. Gonzalo's price was competitive and his work impeccable, and he and his men completed a large job in remarkably short order. I couldn't have asked for a more expert, hard-working, and friendly crew. I am happy to recommend him without reservation.

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    Sometimes you find that certain person who is trustworthy and hard working and delivers on what they say. I recently hired Gonzalo and his team to replant all off the bushes in the front of my home. This was the best decision we could have made, Gonzalo was on time, professional and delivered more than we expected. His work ethic is exceptional, he finished off mulch in front of our house that I was not expecting to be redone as part of the job. I highly recommend Gonzalo and his team, well worth giving him your business. I will be referring Gonzalo to all of my neighbors and friends as his work speaks for itself. Thank you.

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    I hired Gonzalo to replace the bushes in the front of our home. I could not be any happier, his work ethic and the job his team did were exceptional. I highly recommend Gonzalo and team for all your landscaping needs, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Gonzalo for the excellent job. Ed Mauriello.